I want to get a trampoline but I don’t know if my home insurance company covers it does anyone know
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The ONLY insurance company I know of, that will give homeowners insurance coverage to someone with a trampoline, is USAA. Everyone else will cancel you.


Best to contact the insurer directly. Some insurer’s will cover liability arising from a trampoline but will add a surcharge to provide the coverage. Other companies prohibit trampolines in their underwriting rules and therefore would cancel or not renew the policy. This is not a matter where you want to rely on Yahoo Answers.


The question needs to be answered in 2 parts. Part 1: Yes the physical trampoline would be covered if stolen, or burned under the property portion of all homeowners policies. Part 2: But the liability, that’s were the problem begins. Most Insurance companies “Exclude” trampolines because of Liability, you set it up, your kids play on it, all is fine until they invite the neighbors kid over. They fall break an arm and the parents sue you for negligence. That is why many Insurance companies refuse to Insurance Trampolines. But the good news, many insurance companies do not have a problem with Trampolines. Call your Insurance Agent and ask them do they cover trampolines. Best of luck hope this helps.

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