For example, if the bill says:
Amount owed:
Insurance pending:
Does this mean the insurance will pay for the whole thing – what does “pending” mean? Is it final?


No, it only means that your provider submitted a claim to the insurance company.
The insurance company may pay the whole amount, part of it, or they may deny the claim and pay nothing,


It means that the bill was sent to your insurance company, it makes no claim as to whether that claim will be paid.
It basically means “we billed your insurance, but haven’t been paid yet”


it does on my bills. it means the insurance payment is due but not yet acquired.


Seems like that to me. You have no worries !


its not final. It means they are waiting on their claim for payment being adjudicated by your insurance company.


“pending” means that if the insurance is paid up and if it covers the claim then it will cover the bill…

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