Britain would be doing “everything possible” if it had suffered an attack like that faced by Israel, an education minister has said.

Asked on Times Radio how worried people should be about the increased risk of terrorism in the UK, Robert Halfon said: “Well, I can’t answer for that.

“I’m not at that Cobra meeting. I’m sure it will be announced later on. But, of course, we have to make sure that British citizens are safe and secure from the threat of terrorism as the Government always does.”

On whether the UK has reiterated the need to stick to the rule of law to Israel, Mr Halfon said: “Britain has always made it clear, the Government has always made it clear, that Israel should follow international law, but we do have to remember that the Israelis suffered a horrific pogrom on October 7, a horrific attack by Hamas on innocent men, women and children.

“They have every right to defend themselves. They have to go into Gaza in order to dismantle the Hamas tunnels. Remember there are over 200 hostages from across the world stuck in Gaza.”

He added: “I think Israel has the right to take the necessary measures in order to defeat Hamas. If Britain had suffered a similar attack, Britain would be doing everything possible.”

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