The mother of a British teacher has said her daughter is “distraught” and “feeling abandoned by the British Government” after she was turned away from the Rafah Crossing this morning, writes Fiona Parker and Blathnaid Corless.

Lalah Ali Faten also told The Telegraph that Foreign Office staff had informed her none of their employees were currently stationed at the crossing.

Ms Faten’s daughter Zaynab Wandawi, 29, went to Gaza with her husband and eight of her in-laws for a wedding two days before violence in the Middle East broke out. The relatives, who are all British nationals and live in Manchester, have been trapped there since.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Ms Faten said they were turned away by the authorities at the crossing. 

“They were told that their names were not on the list and that British nationals were not leaving today,” she added.

“I was furious when I found out and I called the FCDO to ask if there were any of their staff or Border Force officials at the Rafah Crossing.

“I was told there weren’t and that once they got through the Crossing they would be able to contact someone.”

Ms Faten said her daughter and extended family are yet to receive any further information from the British Government.

She added: “She is distraught – to say she feels ‘let down’ would be an understatement, she feels abandoned by the Government.

“She can see other foreign nationals are able to leave and clearly their governments have done more to help citizens escape than the British Government has.”

The FCDO has been approached for comment.

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