Hamas terrorists likely fired North Korean weapons during their assault on Israel on October 7, a video and weapons seized by Israel show, despite Pyongyang’s denials that it sells arms to the militant group.

The video was analysed by two experts on North Korean arms and indicates that Hamas used the F-7 rocket-propelled grenade, a shoulder-fired weapon typically used against armoured vehicles.

The F-7 has been documented in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, said N.R. Jenzen-Jones, a weapons expert from Armament Research Services.

“North Korea has long supported Palestinian militant groups, and North Korean arms have previously been documented amongst interdicted supplies,” Mr Jenzen-Jones said.

Hamas has published images of their training that show fighters with a weapon with a rocket-propelled grenade featuring a distinctive red stripe across its warhead, and other design elements matching the F-7, said Matt Schroeder, a senior researcher with Small Arms Survey who wrote a guide to Pyongyang’s light weapons.

“It is not a surprise to see North Korean weapons with Hamas,” Mr Schroeder said.

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