Tens of thousands of protesters have begun to gather in central London for a pro-Palestinian rally.

Almost a month after the conflict began – sparked by the barbaric attack on southern Israel by Hamas militants – a huge crowd is expected in Trafalgar Square to demand an end to the bombardment of Gaza.

It is the latest in a series of large-scale demonstrations since the outbreak of war. Saturday’s rally is due to begin at around 2.30pm and comes amid demands by senior ministers, including prime minister Rishi Sunak, for a crackdown on any support shown for hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters have already assembled outside the BBC’s Broadcasting House where they have waved placards and shouted anti-Israel chants.

Some demonstrators wore face masks and keffiyeh head scarves, while others held picket signs with messages, written in crimson red paint, calling for Israel boycotts and accusing the Israeli and British governments of having “blood” on their hand

The Metropolitan Police has said there will be a “sharper focus” on using social media and face recognition to detect criminal behaviour at protests this weekend. Police spotters will be out in force, filming the crowds for any activity that might be in breach of public order and terror laws.

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