Tom Tugendhat, the security minister, has suggested a pro-Palestine rally planned for Remembrance weekend should not go ahead. 

Mr Tugendhat, a former soldier, said it can be a “very painful moment” for veterans and it is therefore “not an appropriate time” for protest. 

Asked if the rally, due to take place in London on November 11, should go ahead or be rearranged, Mr Tugendhat told Times Radio: “I wrote last night to the Mayor of London and Westminster Council and to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police because you’ll understand that for me and for fellow veterans the 11th of November isn’t just another day, it is not just even a day of remembrance actually, it is a day of grief. 

“And for many of us it is a day when we remember friends who aren’t standing with us anymore, some who fell at th4e time and some who sadly have taken their own lives since. 

“It can be a very painful moment and I think that is why this is not an appropriate time, this is not an appropriate venue for protest.

“It is a time for us to come together and to remember all those who served our country with courage and distinction in many conflicts around the world and gave us the freedoms and the liberties that we are lucky enough to enjoy today.”

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