A senior Metropolitan Police officer is facing the sack over accusations that he accessed police information to try and undermine a bullying investigation.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matthew Horne was previously accused of breaching police standards between 2015 and 2016, including throwing a stress ball at a colleague. 

He was found guilty of three counts of misconduct in January 2018, which he denied. 

Horne was allowed to keep his job as Deputy Chief Constable of Essex Police, and given management advice. 

Now, the senior officer has been accused of asking for and accessing police information to help his case in those disciplinary proceedings. 

Part of the information was used, police said. 

Horne is also accused of failing to appropriately report the officer who sent him this information.

If found guilty of the more serious offence of gross misconduct, the officer may be sacked. 

The hearing, which begins today and is set to conclude on November 21, will take place at Thames Valley Police headquarters in Oxford. 

The previous hearing in 2018 was told that Horne approached a colleague, Supt Glenn Maleary, outside Essex Police’s control room in June 2015, and repeatedly swore at him. 

It also heard that Horne pushed his colleague into a desk, and later threw a stress ball at him, which hit him in the throat.

Dorian Lovell-Pank QC, giving the panel’s recommendations, said Horne was an officer with an “outstanding career” who had “brought strength and honour to each force he has served”.

Horne was promoted to his current role as head of professional standards at the Met in 2019. 

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