Rishi Sunak told US Vice President Kamala Harris her country’s executive order on artificial intelligence was “very welcome in this climate” as he hosted an AI panel session with “like-minded” nations. 

The Prime Minister welcomed Ms Harris and representatives from the EU, UN, Italy, Germany, France and Australia to the session at Bletchley Park on the development of the technology.

He said AI offers “transformative” change that could improve economies and societies, but added: “But as with all new waves of technology, AI brings new fears, new dangers – from social harms like bias and disinformation to the most extreme risks of all.

“And as leaders we have a responsibility to address that, so I want to thank you all for agreeing the Bletchley Park communique – the first ever international statement on the nature of these risks.”

Addressing the US Vice President, he said: “Kamala, your executive order just this week is a deep and comprehensive demonstration of the potential of AI and it’s very welcome in this climate.”

“I wanted us to have a session to talk about this issue as leaders with shared values in private and hear from all of you about what you’re most excited about, what you’re concerned about and how we can look back in five years time on this moment and know that we made the right choices to harness all the benefits of AI in a way that will be safe for our communities but deliver enormous potential as well,” he added.

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