The Labour Party will take a “fairer” approach to transgender self ID if elected, Sir Keir Starmer has said.

Sir Keir hardened his party’s stance on gender in July when he said the policy of self-identification without a medical certificate was not the “right way forward”.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, the Labour leader insisted he would nonetheless press ahead with measures to update the law to make it easier for those who do not identify with their biological sex to change gender.

“We have clarified our position,” Sir Keir said. “Huge strides have been made in terms of women’s rights within the Labour movement and nobody wants to roll back any of that, in fact there are still battles to be had.

“But there is a small minority of people that don’t identify with the gender they were born into and I don’t think we can simply disregard that. We need a fairer way of dealing with it.”

It came as as Angela Rayner, his deputy, told the PinkNews awards on Wednesday night: “We will protect the ‘T’ in LGBT+ rights. Because trans rights are human rights. The next Labour government will support people who transition by modernising the law on gender recognition, while upholding the Equality Act.”

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