Stephen Flynn, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, denied the party’s new plan for securing Scottish independence was “delusional”. 

The SNP has agreed that if it wins a majority of seats in Scotland at the next general election then it will seek immediate talks with Westminster to “give democratic effect to Scotland becoming an independent country”. 

Mr Flynn was told during an interview on BBC Newsnight that the SNP could win a majority of seats – at least 29 out of 57 – while securing significantly less than 50 per cent of the vote. 

It was suggested to Mr Flynn that the plan therefore seemed “delusional” but he replied: “Of course not. What we are seeking to do is put into place the democratic views of the people of Scotland. 

“Now, if we win an election and a majority of seats we will say to the UK parliament, what we want is an independence referendum. 

“I have no doubt that Keir Starmer, the likely new prime minister, will say no to that. So what we have done at conference is put much more meat on the bones and said okay, well if that is the case why don’t we transfer that power to Holyrood. 

“But along with that why don’t we look at some of the key powers to resolve the cost of living crisis, so powers of energy, over migration, over single market, to change the way in which we respond to the cost of living crisis in a manner which protects the people of Scotland.”

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