Oliver Dowden said he believed artificial intelligence is an “exciting, game changing opportunity” when it comes to potentially tackling some of humanity’s biggest problems. 

But the Deputy Prime Minister said the world needed to be “clear eyed about the risks associated with it”. 

Asked if there was much governments could do on AI beside issue warnings about the technology, Mr Dowden told Times Radio: “Well, first of all actually AI is an exciting, game changing opportunity. 

“If you think about the challenges of our age, whether that is climate change, cancer, dementia, global poverty, AI correctly deployed can have a profound impact on solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges. But at the same time we have got to be clear eyed about the risks associated with it and take responsible action. 

“That is what the Prime Minister is seeking to do both in the speech that he is making today and the summit the United Kingdom will be hosting next week.”

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