Israel was “the victim of terrorism on an unimaginable scale” last Saturday, Sir Keir Starmer told the Commons.

The Labour leader said: “The senseless murder of men, women, children, even babies, the horrors of hostage-taking, music festivals turned into killing fields, innocent Jews slaughtered within their own kibbutz, an attack with no cause other than bloodshed.

“I am sure that over the last few days, every member of this House has seen images from this crisis that will never be unseen, tiny bodies wrapped in bundles in Israel and now in Gaza, mothers and fathers grieving, Israeli, Palestinian, Muslim, Jew. The innocent, dead.

“As in any time of grave crisis it is crucial that this House speaks with one voice in condemnation of terror, in support for Israel in its time of agony and for the dignity of all human life, because Hamas do not wish to see peace in the Middle East. They just want to see Israel wiped off the map. But Hamas are not the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian people are not Hamas.

“So Labour stands with Israel, Britain stands with Israel. The attack is ongoing, terrorists are at large, hostages are still being held, some of them still British citizens. Israel has the right to bring her people home, to defend itself, to keep her people safe, and while Hamas has the capability to carry out attacks on Israeli territory, there can be no safety.”

Sir Keir added that Israel’s defence “must be conducted in accordance with international law”, insisting humanitarian corridors must be accessible and civilians must not be targeted.

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