Britain’s Royal Engineers will train Ukrainian forces to protect energy infrastructure from long-range Russian attacks this winter.

The two-week course will help Ukrainian engineers better plan their defences to save the lives of civilians as Moscow once again attempts to freeze the war-torn country into submission.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said: “It is essential that Ukraine receives the support it urgently needs throughout the winter, as its civilian population faces mortal danger on a daily basis from Putin’s forces and their indiscriminate campaign of bombardment against its critical infrastructure.”

The drills will build on previous techniques for placing sandbags and entrenchments taught to Ukrainian volunteers.

Kyiv’s troops will learn how to negate the impact of different Russian weapons and how to create physical and aerial barriers to protect infrastructure from Moscow’s attacks.

The training will be hosted at a gasworks, military airstrip and port facility in the UK.

“There is no doubt this training will be implemented in Ukraine in the coming weeks and have a real-life impact on the quality of life of its civilians and the ability for Ukraine to resist Russian attacks throughout the winter,” Major Michael Suddaby, from 63 Works Group Royal Engineers, said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of attempting to freeze Ukraine by targeting its heating and power networks as the cold winter months draw in.

Britain and Kyiv’s other Western allies have already started delivering more air defence systems to help bolster Ukraine’s defences this winter. 

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