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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was Clint Eastwood last and best spaghetti western, and its also a very popular description of the cybersecurity industry, to which I will now shamelessly expropriate to describe the findings from EMCs new global enterprise backup survey, Are You Protected?.

)In its first quarter earnings results, reported in April, the Hopkinton, MA.-based company missed Wall Street estimates on both earnings per share and on revenue.

All other aspects of the guidelines come into effect immediately.FMIs must also be able to identify the status of all transactions and positions of members at the time of a disruption in a timely manner.Aware that defenses are only as strong as the weakest link, the guidelines also emphasize the need for building up resilience to hackers collectively.

fell more than 14%, however, after it said it expected to book an additional impairment charge due to some irregularities in its asset finance business and that CFO Tom Wood had resigned.For more of Business Insurance's ongoing coverage of the historic 'Brexit' vote, click here.

''But this decision also gives me much more control over what the bot produces - Microsofts Tay bot is a good example of why one needs to be careful allowing a bot to be influenced by everyones contributions.

- Damien MoloneyThe long wait at Monarto Zoo will finally be over as the chimpanzee habitat is unveiled to the public on Friday.At the moment there are two male chimpanzees named Tsotsi and Sandali.Murraylands general practices will be given training in personal protective equipment and the development of practice flu pandemic plans by the Murray Mallee General Practice Networkin the wake of the influenza AH1N1 outbreak.Immunisation officer Dawn Gunn will visit general practices across the regio ...

For example, if your car is flooded and you try to start the car, the water may get sucked into the engine, and completely or partially damage it.

The future of our nation and the type of society we are going to live in is at stake, and no candidate should be able to waffle or wiggle out of telling us where she or he stands.

But sold on lies, i.e., you can keep your health plan if you like it and your doctor if you like your doctor, once it passed the administration resorted to illegality, i.e., free ObamaCare to illegal immigrants, ignoring deadlines, to keep an unworkable scheme going, despite damage done to physicians, employers and consumers.So Democrat Party guarantees that insurers losses would be covered by taxpayers have been withdrawn and the albatross hangs on their necks.

Williams was released on a summons to appear in court on September 15, 2016.

Currently the $85 fee raised about $94,800 annually.

" This item was submitted by Roz Giuditta.

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